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Pastorius Elementary School in Bad Windsheim Germany using magnetic whiteboard projection wallpaper in classrooms

5 Top benefits of using technology in the classroom

Technology has become increasingly prevalent in classrooms in recent years, with many schools now offering laptops, tablets, and other digital tools to students. While some may be hesitant to embrace technology in education, there are many benefits to using it in the classroom. It can help motivate students that learn in different ways while supporting active learning. Here are just a few benefits. Continue reading


The Benefits of Projectors in Education

Are projectors still a viable instrument of modern education in the 21st century or have they had their day? Is it time for the humble classroom projector to make way for more up-to-date technologies? Can they ever hope to engage students in the same way that computer games and other digital platforms hold their attention?Whether you are an educator working directly with students, or an administrator responsible for decision-making in an educational institution, you need to be sure that you are giving your students the very best experience they can have. Continue reading