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The popularity of looking beyond the traditional whiteboard for schools is on the rise, to create more dynamic learning spaces. Our whiteboard, magnetic & projection solutions empower educators and students to create a more active learning environment by transforming ordinary surfaces into collaborative surroundings.
Discover the innovative products that improve upon the traditional whiteboard for schools. See how they continue to ignite the imaginations of students and educators across Ireland.

Innovative teaching walls used globally

From local schools to top universities, our whiteboard, magnetic & projection products turn entire walls into more engaging learning surfaces for students compared to the traditional whiteboard for schools

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Interactive walls replacing the whiteboard for schools

Imagine your entire classroom walls transformed by our innovative paints and wallpapers into whiteboard, magnetic & projectable surfaces for an interactive learning environment.
These innovative products turning entire walls into modern teaching surfaces helping educators to improve student engagement and learning, displacing the traditional whiteboard for schools.

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What Educators Say About Us

MY Cincinnati

“An Ofsted inspector commented on how the use of the Smart Wall Paint space had benefited the performance of one particular student in an observation recently!
I feel that Smart Wall Paint has given me another way to personalise the learning of my classes and that can only be a good thing.”

Seaton Burn

Woodham Academy Logo

“Students have really taken to it and are engaged in their learning and it has created many more different learning opportunities in those classrooms. The paint itself has been very hard wearing and there have been no signs of any wear and tear.This has been a huge success and has transformed the classroom and the teaching style within it.”

Woodham Academy

London School of Sound

We offer a 30 days credit payment option for educators who wish to use a purchase order.

“We aimed to have the paint covering an entire back wall of our classroom. It both works for drawing diagrams during lessons but also is an interesting feature. We found the paint to be easy to apply and works well for drawing on and for cleaning off. The whole process was very satisfactory and we recommend both the paint and the company.”

London School of Sound

Fisherrow Centre

“We bought this Smart Projector Paint Pro to paint a wall in our community centre. It is fantastic! Everyone who uses the room, including the local camera club, have said how clear and crisp the images are.It’s so good we are buying more to paint screens in other rooms. Excellent product and an excellent customer service and communication. Brilliant!”

Fisherrow Trust

Surfaces for Education Explained – Functionalities

Each application can be ordered with the following functionalities.

We also supply these products with combinations of these functionalities.

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Whiteboard functionalities


Traditional whiteboard functionality with the Smarter Surface performance guarantee.

Magnetic Functionalities


Create a magnetic only surface or choose a multifuncional solution that combines other functionalities for more collaborative lessons.

Projection Functionalities


Better than a projection screen, create a screen of any size, with our anti glare technology and develop more interactive classes.

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When choosing the right whiteboard for schools for your classroom consider the age group of students as if your fixing the board to the wall smaller students may struggle to reach or it may be too low for taller students.

Consider multiple uses for example will you use the whiteboard surface with projectors, this can be a very useful tool and with the innovative interactive projectors they can really drive student engagement.

Would magnetic function be of benefit? this can be very handy for holding notes or pages on the wall other options include antimicrobial whiteboards which is more and more popular in recent times.

Of course its worth considering the alternatives to the traditional whiteboard in schools such as the trend of using the entire wall surface with innovative solutions like 3in1 Wallpaper which is a magnetic projection whiteboard wallpaper which is applied just like a wallpaper but covers the entire wall.Other ideas are the ever popular magnetic whiteboard paint.

Depending on usage there are two scenarios for cleaning dry erase marker ink of a typical whiteboard for schools.

1: For light daily use whiteboard markers are best cleaned with a microfibre cloth and some water or a little whiteboard cleaning spray

2: Where there is been heavy use of the whiteboard surface, or after months of use, a film of marker residue can build up. If using as a projection surface this will also impare its projection performance. Remove this residue with a pro cleaning spray.

You can also clean this with a homemade cleaning whiteboard cleaning solution – a mix of isopropyl alcohol 25% and water 75% or a mix of 20% white vinegar, 3% washing up liquid (eg Fairy) and 77% water. It doesn't need to be that exact but it will also clean this marker residue.

Our innovative range of Smart whiteboard paints and wallpapers can help you transform entire classroom walls into writable surfaces, with options to make them magnetic and projectable as well.

You can order them from our online store here

If you would like a free consultation call to choose the right product for your classrooms, chat with us, book a call with our education advisors, or email us at

The main advantages of the magnetic whiteboard for schools are that it has a magnetic surface, which is a useful way to visually organize information, brainstorm ideas and teach.

Magnetic whiteboards are typically more durable than traditional whiteboards. Also, they are easy to clean and maintain.

Magnetic whiteboards are still a cost-effective option for classrooms over traditional whiteboards because they are long-lasting, so you won't have to replace them as often.

This can save you money in the long run.

A magnetic whiteboard is a permanent and long lasting traditional solution for your whiteboard for schools.

Good maintenance of your magnetic whiteboard is an essential factor for the durability and performance of the surface. If maintained properly, the whiteboard and magnetic performance is guaranteed for 10 years.

If a whiteboard magnetic is not well cared for that will affect the life and the proper performance of it.

To keep the magnetic whiteboard in good condition you can use maintenance user kit accessories

Compared to chalkboards, there are several advantages of using a whiteboard for schools.

One of the most significant benefits is that whiteboards provide a much cleaner writing surface than chalkboards.

Chalkboards can create a lot of dust and debris, which can be messy and potentially cause health problems for any students with respiratory issues.

Whiteboards are also easier to write on and erase than chalkboards. Dry erase markers glide smoothly over the surface of a whiteboard, while chalk can sometimes be difficult to write with.

Another advantage of whiteboards is that they offer better visibility than chalkboards. The contrast between the markers and the white background makes the markings more visible, especially from a distance or in low light conditions.

Chalk markings can sometimes be difficult to read, especially if the writing is small or faint. Whiteboards also tend to last longer than chalkboards.

Chalkboards can wear down over time, requiring replacement or resurfacing (luckily you can use our Smart Self Adhesive Whiteboard Film – White to update them to a new whiteboard).

Whiteboards, on the other hand, can last for years with proper care and maintenance, making them a more efficient and durable option for educational settings.

We recommend using high-quality whiteboard markers for use in schools.

You can choose from our bullet-tipped dry erase markers, which come in 4-packs, or our premium 8-pack whiteboard markers, which feature double tips (a 5mm chisel tip and a 2mm precision tip).

Smarter Surfaces Dry Erase Cleaner 125 ml is the easiest and most efficient way to clean a dry erase board.

Simply spray it on the board and wipe in a back-and-forth motion with the a cloth until all the markings have been removed.

Make sure you use our microfiber cloth with the spray to ensure the best results.

Our high-performance Microfiber Cloth Eraser Cloth is perfect for cleaning Smarter Surfaces dry erase products, and any traditional whiteboard for schools.

Surfaces for Education Explained – Applications

For Walls, Desks & Refurbishing

We offer a range of products for walls, desks, and refurbishing, that can be customised to meet your specific needs. For walls, we provide two options – paints and wallpapers. Both of these applications come in a variety of functionalities, including whiteboard, projector, magnetic, and more.

Our adhesive films range is designed for desks and doors and offers functionalities such as a whiteboard and projector. Additionally, our films can also be used to update and refurbish old chalkboards and used whiteboards, providing a cost-effective solution for updating old surfaces.

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