Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR Programme

Smarter Surfaces Corporate Social Responsibility Programme (CSR) is about encouraging a positive change in the workplace environment. We work in a way that is sustainable, ethical and has minimum impact of the environment. Our values steer all of our decisions.

We believe in behaving as a responsible global corporate citizen. We want to contribute to the global community and bring positive changes to society.

Smarter Surfaces has a strong affinity for organisations that are committed to a world where bright ideas, courage and commitment are rewarded. We are committed to supporting one non-profit organisation each month by donating Smarter Surfaces’ products. Our CSR committee meets monthly to review any requests for support we receive and to decide which charity or NGO our products will be sent to. Along with this we also promote the chosen organisation on our website and social media, if they are happy to share a testimonial, case study or photos with us.

We love getting feedback from the CSR programme as it is great to hear how people are using Smarter Surfaces products to benefit others.

Organisations that have benefited from our CSR programme

Smarter Surfaces CSR programme safe secure home

Your Own Place

Your Own Place told us how much they love their dry erase wall. Your Own Place is a charity who find creative solutions to prevent youth homelessness. They told us how one user had remarked ‘I love writing on the wall as it feels like I am allowed to break the rules’. A visitor to their office confirmed that ‘the use of whiteboard walls was what made the course fun and engaging’


Envision greatly appreciated receiving their product from our CSR Programme They told us, ‘telling people they can just write on the wall is great fun- especially watching their reactions as you watch an almost childlike grin appear on their face. Thank you for your amazing donation – it has made a massive difference’. Envision is a leading youth charity empowering youths across diverse backgrounds and working together to tackle issues in their own communities.

The Deaf Society

The Deaf Society seeks to achieve and promote the rights and equality of deaf people in Ireland. We decided to visit them and film a video on how they were using their Smarter Surfaces’ products. Their Graphic Design teacher said ‘ The Smart Wall allows me to easily pinpoint where in the image the class is looking, and allows me to make notes at the same time’.

Smarter Surfaces Corporate Social Responsibility Programme teach design

Teach Design

Teach Design ‘train motivated teachers, provide engaging CPD, and lead the change in Design and Engineering Education’. All 12 Teach Design Schools have transformed their surfaces into innovative areas for productivity.

Benfield School in Newcastle said “I am over the moon with the changes and progression that has occurred since using Smarter Surfaces’ products. I plan to encourage the whole school to be painted in the stuff”.

Highgate School in London also loved using the products stating “The pupils were immediately engaged with this new phenomenon. This has really allowed us to maximize the use and potential of our classroom spaces. Smarter Surfaces has also proven useful in our department staff area too, with to-do lists and notices popping up on the walls”.

Save the Children

“I wanted to let you know that the staff here have been making great use of your product and are very happy with the results”. Project Manager

The Brain Tumour Charity

“We use it as a visual tool, relaying to visitors what we are doing. It’s much easier to have a whole wall [to work with], and our team works very well with it. It makes the office a much warmer place, helps to show how different things are making a difference, and that helps to motivate staff”.

If you think your organisation would benefit from some Smarter Surfaces products, write to us and tell us how you would use them at