Payment Options

Smarter Surfaces is PCI DSS and SSL compliant. What does this mean?

This means that our online system is encrypted and therefore we do not store or transmit any cardholder data and have been certified.

Our business complies to all data security measures.
All businesses that wish to take credit or debit card payment must pass some tests the following elements to become PCI DSS compliant, these include having anti-virus protection, by completing quarterly scans of all IPs to detect any potential weaknesses and encrypting all credit card transactions that go through their network.

We currently offer a few different payment methods to best suit your needs. These are Credit Card, PayPal, Credit Account or Bank Transfer.

Safe and secure checkout

Credit Card & PayPal

If you choose to pay via Credit Card or PayPal, and your payment is successful, your order will be processed immediately. We do not store or save any credit card details in our system.

Please note: you must have sufficient funds in your account in order for us to process this payment and release your order.

Bank Transfer

If you choose the bank transfer option we will send you our bank details. Your order will be put on hold until payment has been confirmed by the bank. This can take up to 3 working days depending on where you are based. Once this payment has been received we will process your order and send it to your invoice.

Credit Account

Depending on your business, you may qualify to open an account with us. This enables us to provide you 30-day credit.
In order to avail of this, you will need to pass a credit check.

Once credit has been approved we will send your order to you and payment can be made in 30 days.

Universities and Government Bodies

In the case of universities or specific government bodies we understand that it is not always possible to pay upfront.

Therefore we can discuss the option of payment on arrival of goods. This means that we would process your order and then once it has reached you, the payment would be made.

Please contact us in order to arrange this payment type

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