Smarter Surfaces for Meeting & Classroom Engagement, Creativity & Collaboration

Innovative paints, wallpapers and films for whiteboard, magnetic and projection surfaces

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Why Choose Smarter Surfaces?

  Boost Meeting Productivity & Engagement
  Create Engaging Modern Workspaces
  Promote Collaborative Learning
  Maximise Creativity and Idea Sharing
  Encourage Effective Communication
  Environmentally Friendly – Our Green Guarantee
  Educators & Professional Programmes
  Excellent Technical and Customer Support
  1000+ Installations across Ireland

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Browse our Whiteboard, Magnetic & Projection products

Whiteboard Paint & Wallpaper

Whiteboard Paint & Wallpaper

Transform your walls and workspaces – or any smooth surface – into writable areas of any size and colour. Declutter and modernize your office or classroom for improved productivity. Choose from a range of products including whiteboard paint which is available in transparent even matte and antimicrobial whiteboard paint. Our whiteboard wallpaper and magnetic whiteboard projection wallpaper are innovative solutions that are no ghosting. For the application of our wallpapers see our performance ready mixed wallpaper adhesive
Magnetic Products

Magnetic Products

Make a magnetic surface of any size with our range of magnetic products and transform your surfaces into magnetic areas for planning, meetings, teamwork exercises or teaching. Choose from our range of magnetic paints and magnetic plaster which can be combined to create magnetic whiteboard paint, our magnetic range of wallpapers offer innovative solutions including magnetic whiteboard wallpaper to create a dynamic new magnetic surfaces which have a positive impact on how surfaces are interacted in work and learning spaces.
Projection Paint & Wallpapers

Projection Paint & Wallpapers

Make a projection surface of any size with our range of projection screen paints & wallpapers designed to create high performance projection screen surfaces for offices and schools, theatres and much more. Our comprehensive range of projection paints including ambient light rejecting projection paint even outdoor projection paint and a range of projection paints for movies and gaming for office and school our matte projection whiteboard paint and ever popular projection whiteboard wallpaper are amazing tools that combine projection and whiteboard.
Primers and Accessories

Primers and Accessories

View our primers for use with our range of paints and whiteboard accessories for use with any of our products. Such as whiteboard cleaners, whiteboard user kits, whiteboard markers, whiteboard magnets & permanent or dry wipe sprays and cloths. Our high performance primers are designed to prepare surfaces for application of our paints and wallpapers, wallpaper adhesive, for the application of our wallpaper range
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Case Studies

Our case studies highlight how our broad range of end users such as schools, offices, public spaces use the Smarter Surfaces product range.

See how schools have transformed education surfaces such as walls and tables into magnetic, whiteboard and projection surfaces. See how our business end users have upgraded offices with collaborative walls that engage and inspire their people. Watch how our range of projection paints have impacted museums, galleries, home cinemas and office projection surfaces.

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Customer Reviews

Since 2009, Smarter Surfaces has been innovating quality products manufactured in Europe. Our long history of reviews are testament to our proven longstanding commitment to product quality and customer service excellence.

I bought the Smart Projector Paint Contrast through amazon and wasnt sure what to expect, so i had a large mdf board on the wall and sanded it down to make sure no bumps etc, applied two base coats and two top coats as suggested, i tried a tv show and a few movie trailers via youtube and was amazed at the clarity of images the sharpness of the image too, it takes getting used to with such high contrast picture which is what this paint is for but after an hour of watching trailers etc on my screen i have to say its best projector image ive seen to date on my optoma projector, this is at night ive yet to try it in daytime but im confident picture will still stand out in ambient light, it was expensive paint but def well worth it,make sure your surface is smooth before applying the paint and def do two coats of each.i wish i had thought of these guys before wasting money on rubbish alr screens, would def recomend and will use this paint again if needed in future.
Ash MalikAsh Malik
11:31 25 Jan 22
Hi,I am Ash, owner of LEC Company. We ordered this whiteboard paint and found this as an amazing product so far we have used other paints. It's is innovative and quality is absolutely perfect. I recommend this product to my customers now. Smarter Surfaces team takes their customers very seriously and understand their needs. I have an amazing experience with Smarter Surfaces.Thank you
Fisherrow TrustFisherrow Trust
14:32 23 Nov 21
Smart Projector Paint ProWe bought this Smart Projector Paint Pro to paint a wall in our community centre. It is fantastic! Everyone who uses the room, including the local camera club, have said how clear and crisp the images are. No need for an expensive projector screen the wall IS the screen. It is slightly pricey but well worth it. It has painted the whole wall. Highly recommend this product. Its so good we are buying more to paint screens in other rooms. Excellent product and an excellent customer service and communication. Brilliant!
Cristina PetterliniCristina Petterlini
13:15 08 Dec 19
Fantastic pre-sales support. I was undecided about what to buy and they advised and followed me, even after the sale. I wanted to create an area to hang photos both in the bedroom and in the kitchen, but not excluding the possibility of writing memos or shopping in the kitchen. I bought the magnetic and blackboard paint kit for the kitchen. The final result of the blackboard is fantastic, while the magnetic one is sufficient but not optimal. Maybe I should have done more than three coats of magnetic paint, which is why I recommend getting the super magnetic paint and apart from the chalkboard. The kit is certainly convenient for DIY but not sufficient.For the rooms for which I bought the super magnetic paint, the result obtained was excellent, just what I wanted. The photos speak for themselves, and we are only at the beginning!Overall, however, I absolutely recommend the smarter surfaces products. With them I was able to realize the ideas I had in mind and make my son enthusiastic!
Ilaria OlivieriIlaria Olivieri
06:33 10 Oct 19
Product arrived in the expected time. Applying it was really easy, the result is what we expected. We created a huge chalkboard wall to give room for ideas and creativity!

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View our products in action

View real life use cases demonstrating how end users practically benefit from using our products and simple, clear installation instructions for our ranges of Whiteboard Paints, Magnetic Paints, and Whiteboard Wallpapers.

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