How To Refurbish Your Old Office Whiteboard

Startup Ireland using smart whiteboard wall paint

Whiteboards have become a staple addition to any classroom, office, and even homes over the years. However, over time they can become stained from constant writing and erasing.

This staining, or ghosting, can take away from the neat and uniform look of a whiteboard surface. Read below for solutions on restoring your old surface to its former glory with minimum waste.

Recoat Your Old Surface

Our Smart Whiteboard Paint in white can be used to refurbish your old surface by simply applying one coat of paint on the discoloured board.

You can continue to use your regular quality whiteboard cleaners and markers with this easy-to-apply product. It even comes with a ten-year performance guarantee.

Additionally, you can upgrade your surface further by making your renewed whiteboard into a multifunctional surface with our Smart Magnetic Whiteboard Paint.

Cover Your Old Board

For a quick and modern result, just install our Smart Self-Adhesive Office Film directly onto the old whiteboard surface.

Measure and cut the film to size, with sufficient overlap for safety and error. Stick the film directly onto your old whiteboard surface, removing any air bubbles as you go. Trim to fit and that’s it! No need for any specialist tools or professionals for installation. Watch our step by step application video for more.

Our range of self-adhesive films allows you to not only revive your old whiteboard but modify it into a dual function surface. Smart Self-Adhesive Film – Low Sheen can transform your board into a writable and projectable surface.

Woman writing and projecting on  Smart Self Adhesive Whiteboard Film Low Sheen

Install A New Surface

If you want to go beyond the limitations of a traditional whiteboard, then our wallpapers are the perfect solution.

Our wallpaper products allow you to remodel entire walls in your office, classroom, or home into collaborative and creative areas. Choose between a projectable or magnetic function for your dry-erase surface or have all three functions on the one surface with the 3-in-1 wallpaper.

For comparison information on our multifunctional products click here.

How to Avoid Staining on Whiteboards

Like most surfaces, whiteboards need regular care and attention. We advocate implementing the following steps to keep all your whiteboard surfaces – traditional whiteboards, whiteboard wallpaper, whiteboard paint, and whiteboard films – in tip-top condition:

  • Only use premium quality markers – low-quality markers may lead to premature staining of your surface
  • Clean your whiteboard surface at the end of every day – using a whiteboard cleaning spray daily helps keep your surface looking as good as new for as long as possible
  • Use a stain remover monthly to remove those stubborn stains or permanent markers. (Do not use this instead of your daily cleaning spray! Daily usage of this product will damage your whiteboard surface).

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