Smart Whiteboard Paint – All You Need To Know

Employee writing on a Smart Whiteboard Paint White surface

How Much Does Whiteboard Paint Cost?

Whiteboard Paint can cost anything from €10m2 to €60m2. How much whiteboard paint costs can depend on many factors. For example is it for a commercial project such as an office or a school? Or maybe it’s for a playroom for children.

Installation will be a major factor. Will it be installed by a professional or DIY? How much paint will be needed to cover your surface as this will impact price with discounts? The price of installation by a professional painter is usually €15 per m2 all the way up to €30 per m2 if there is preparation and primer required.

The other main thing that is going to affect how much whiteboard paint costs is the quality. Higher quality paints that are made with less harmful manufacturing techniques tend to cost more. They also tend to be safer for the user and better for the environment. There are no solvents that are going to cause you health issues in our paint!

Another important consideration is the quality of your surface. Before you even think about applying whiteboard paint you may need to purchase filler and primer to prepare the surface. This will be an additional cost, although usually small.

We would always recommend factoring in the cost of primer and preparation into the price. By prepping your surface currently you can be guaranteed of the best outcome and writable surface.

If you want a standard whiteboard you will likely just need our Smart Whiteboard Paint painted on our Smart White Primer to ensure the perfect finish. If you want to keep the colour of your wall you have the option to go with the clear version of our whiteboard paint. You will want to use a clear primer with this paint to leave you with the best writable surface. For a 2mwall space the whiteboard paint kit (which comes with everything you need to apply the paint) and primer will cost €134.31. The clear whiteboard paint kit will cost slightly more at €137.94.

What Is The Best Whiteboard Paint?

However, you might have different requirements. Whiteboard erasable on its own isn’t going to be enough for everybody. Sometimes you need to pin notes written on paper up on the board, where a magnetic feature can come in really handy. 

You can create a magnetic wall all on its own, and paint over it with a colour of your choice. The other option is to use a magnetic paint with our whiteboard paint to create a magnetic writable surface. We have a bundle for this option so there’s no need to buy them individually. 

We have two different magnetic paints – Super Magnetic Paint and Smart Magnetic Paint. If you really need some serious holding power, Super Magnetic Paint is the strongest paint on the market. It contains 60% magnetite and can hold up to 5 A4 pages with just one of our magnets!

If you don’t need to hold so many pages, Smart Magnetic paint will still hold up to 4 A4 pages at one time. 

Most of our customers look for the dual functionality that our Smart Magnetic Whiteboard Paint – White and Smart Magnetic Whiteboard Paint – Clear offer. Both of these bundles include everything that you need to create a magnetic erasable surface. The primer is also in the kit, so no need to purchase it separately.

Our customers prefer this bundle because it gives them a couple of options regarding the usability of their surface.

What Is The Best Whiteboard Paint for Group Collaboration?

At Smarter Surfaces we now have a new type of whiteboard paint – Smart Anti-Microbial Whiteboard Paint White. This is the world’s first antibacterial whiteboard paint, certified 99.99% effective against MRSA, MSSA, Salmonella typhimurium, Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, Enterococcus faecalis and Saccharomyces cerevisiae. 

We have been looking at ways that we can create safer work and learning environments. The office and classroom are likely to take on a new approach when we begin to return to normality. We see it as being a space for collaboration, rather than work. Smart Anti-Microbial Whiteboard Paint will make that collaboration safer. 

Like our whiteboard paint, this antimicrobial whiteboard paint can be combined with Super Magnetic Paint or Smart Magnetic Paint to create a magnetic writable surface. 

If you want to combine it with Super Magnetic Paint and the white primer it will come to €383.57. If you want to combine it with Smart Magnetic Paint and the white primerit will come to €329.12.

person hanging a sheet onto a smart magnetic whiteboard surface

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