Motivate Your Sales Team With Writable Walls

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Every business is in some way concerned with revenue. Whether you sell products or services, you’ll have a weekly, monthly or yearly sales target to hit.

It’s important then, to keep your sales team invested and motivated to meet their individual and team targets.

There are many incentives that you can consider. Each with their own benefits.

But apart from that, another way you can consider keeping your sales team motivated is by adding writable walls into your sales room. This can change the way your sales team works in a number of different ways.

To see how, and what ways it can motivate your team throughout the day, keep reading below.

Get All Your Sales Targets Written Up On The Wall

One of the easiest ways to help your sales team keep track of their target is by having everything clearly presented on the wall.

This is easy to do with whiteboard walls.

You can choose to keep track of a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly target. You can even write up all four. Simply write up the total number at the top of the wall and underneath keep track of your progress.

You can fill in the figure you’ve reached so far or you can keep track of what percentage of your target you’ve reached.

This will help keep your team motivated as they will be able to see the total number they need to reach in front of them.

Also, by having a reminder of how much they have reached so far, your sales team will be more inspired to decrease the gap between their target and the actual revenue written up on the wall.

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Have Everyone Update Their Own Numbers

Along with group targets, why not keep track of individual targets instead?

Draw up a table on your wall, dedicating a line to each member of your sales team. They can write their names at the left hand side and keep track of the revenue they bring in every day.

Each team member will be able to update their own figure each time they bring in a sale. This will keep them motivated as they will want to make sure their number is growing.

There are plenty of ways to incorporate a whiteboard wall into a sales room. They’re great for collaboration, organisation and motivating your team.

To learn more about creating a writable wall, click here.

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