Uses for a Magnetic Wall in Your Office

Magnetic whiteboard paint clear writable office grey wall

We use our magnetic walls every day in our office so thought we would share some of those uses with you.

See things at a Glance On A Magnetic Wall

Lets start with the most obvious yet most popular use of a magnetic wall. Simply stick anything you want to the wall so you can see it at a glance. In our office, people stick up to-do lists, project plans, contact details for people and lots more.

Declutter your desk from notes and post-its and get all your reminders on your wall.

whiteboard sheets for brainstorming in office

Sales Performance

Larger organisations may have real time monitors displaying sales performance for all to see. For smaller companies like us who don’t have this, we use our magnetic wall to update the daily target. It’s fun using numeric magnets and they stand out so are very easy to see.

Even better, updating the numbers each day just takes seconds.

Magnetic Calendar

People use online and mobile phone calendars,  or filofaxes or diaries for those who prefer to organise themselves offline rather than online, to manage their time. However nothing beats just a glance at a wall to see your daily or monthly schedule. No fumbling for phones, switching between work and personal calendars. Sometimes the simplest things are the best!

Customer Wall

Every week, our marketing team display logos of new clients. They print out the home pages of clients whose brand name might not be so well known, so we can all learn about them. We love to see the variety of organisations who use our transformative products.

Sometimes they contrast businesses on the wall so they might display a well known large company or a government agency and then contrast that with an innovative start-up or NGO.

This keeps all of us focused on the customer, at all times. It’s interesting and it creates a conversation amongst people.

Would you team benefit from this feel good factor too?

Social Media Planner

We have written about this before but our magnetic wall is ingenious for planning and scheduling our social media content! Like most people I’m sure, we look around to see what tools are available to help us work better and smarter. So far, nothing has beaten our magnetic wall for planning.

We converted a large wall into an entire magnetically receptive surface which is so convenient for scheduling social media content for upto 31 days – a whole month at a glance !

We stick up photos of images we plan to use, and content too. Its very easy to see the breadth and variation of content throughout the month in this way.

To create a magnetic wall in your office, just choose from our magnetic paint, Wallcovering or plaster.

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