Classroom Walls: Whiteboard Paint or Chalkboards?

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The traditional blackboard has been a common staple in classrooms for decades. However it isn’t the product for the future.

Many schools are now choosing to upgrade their classroom chalkboard surfaces by installing whiteboard paint. Why are they doing this? What are the benefits?

Keep reading to find out just some of the reasons you should choose whiteboard paint for your own classroom.

Dust Free Surfaces

Applying chalk on your chalkboard generates dust. There’s little you can do about it.

Not only does it get on the surrounding area, but also on your hands, your clothes and all over the classroom floor.

While cleaning up might not seem like a big deal at first, you will be able to save yourself a lot of time in the future by choosing whiteboard paint.

With whiteboard paints, like Smart Wall Paint, this does not need to be a worry. By using markers instead of chalk, there is never the fear of dust.

Save your time and avoid getting dust in any of your classroom appliances by choosing whiteboard paint.

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Allergies and Asthma

Chalk has been found to increase the risk of respiratory symptoms in children with asthma.

Air pollution, like the dust residue discussed earlier, can stay suspended in air and enter a child’s respiratory symptom.

Why risk it?

With a whiteboard wall you won’t need to worry. Smart Wall Paint, our whiteboard paint, isn’t only dust free. It’s also low VOC and low odour as well.

Better Learning In The Classroom

It’s also important to choose the product best suited to your students’ learning.

Research suggests that people can read black text on a white background, such as whiteboard paint, up to 32% faster compared to reading light text on a black background.

By choosing a whiteboard surface over a blackboard, you can increase how much information your students can take in in a short period of time.

Make learning easier for your students by ditching old blackboards and installing Smart Wall Paint today.

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