How Strong is Magnetic Paint?

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Bringing a magnetic wall into your office or classroom can be really beneficial. It can aid project planning, meetings and lessons.

We’re sure you’ve heard this before.

But different brands of magnetic paint say that they perform differently. So what do you believe?

We are here to help.

In this post we will tell you exactly how strong Smart Magnetic Paint really is.

How Strong Is Magnetic Paint?

With Smart Magnetic Paint you can create a magnetic surface in any size you choose.

But how strong is it really?

Smart Magnetic Paint has a magnetite content of 50%. This means it has a medium magnetic strength.

If you are looking a product with high magnetic strength, we recommend Smart Magnetic Plaster, which has a magnetite content of 67%.

What Can I Hold Up With Magnetic Paint?

So now you know how strong this paint is. But how much can you really hold up with it? The first thing you need to know is, what magnets to use. With Smart Magnetic Paint you can’t use regular fridge magnets. These will not be effective on Smart Magnetic Paint.

Instead, you need to use neodymium magnets or rare earth magnets. Check out the magnets we suggesthere.

So how much do these magnets hold up? With Smart Neo-magnets you will be able to hold up a few sheets when using Smart Magnetic Paint. This is very effective for meetings and regular office work.

Magnetic whiteboard board room office planning Barbara Emily

How Can I Use Magnetic Paint?

So, now you know how strong Smart Magnetic Paint is, how can you use it? With this smart paint, you can transform entire rooms into magnetic surfaces.A magnetic wall is a great tool for meetings, project planning and brainstorming.

Do you want to add writable functionality to your magnetic wall? No problem, check out Smart Wall Paint, our whiteboard paint.

Here are five ways to use a magnetic wall in your office:

  1. Create a giant magnetic noticeboard
  2. Track projects and project progression against timelines and / or actions
  3. Keep track of important documents by sticking them up on the wall
  4. Share important figures with your whole team
  5. Keep track of monthly targets

Here are five ways to use a magnetic wall in your classroom:

  1. Stick drawings, designs and even equations on the wall with magnets e.g. skeletons for biology, atoms for chemistry, quotes for english lessons, maps for geography. They sky is the limit !
  2. Create learning walls for students to update with their own work
  3. Display students’ work.  
  4. Recognise – and share – award winning projectors or performers.
  5. Create an updates wall in your staff room for teachers to use

Teacher delivering lesson with Magnetic Gray Paint and Whiteboard Paint applied to wall

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