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Microsoft Education, UK

After using Smart Wall Paint for one term now, the success has been obvious. Students have really taken to it and are engaged in their learning and it has created many more different learning opportunities in those classrooms.
If you’re looking for that creative spark in your classroom, then I’d certainly recommend that you think about what potential learning opportunities this may lead to.
Jon Tait, Deputy Headteacher, Education author, Innovative Educator for Microsoft Education, Speaker at TED (England). www.jontait.com.

S.A.R.A.I.D , UK

We use Smart Whiteboard Sheets to teach earthquake rescue to scouts in Nepal. It would be impossible to deliver this training without your product as the walls in Nepal are in a really bad condition. They are definitely supporting the modern way of teaching and they are really handy as you can just bring them with you anywhere you go, plus you can project on them as well!
S.A.R.A.I.D Search And Rescue Assistance In Disasters Steve Wakins, USAR Technician

Irish Deaf Society, Ireland

I’ve been using Smart Wall Paint and find it really good for my Photoshop class. Without Smart Wall Paint, it would be more difficult to explain aspects of the image. By using the Smart Wall, I can effectively teach my photoshop class. The image is on the wall so I don’t have to move. Its saves me going back and forth to the computer. The Smart Wall allows me to easily pinpoint where in the image the class should be looking and allows me to make notes at the same time. This way, students can write their own notes and I can just demonstrate everything up here. Smart Wall Paint is a really positive thing to have in a teaching environment.
Johnny Corcoran, Graphic Design Teacher, Irish Deaf Society

Sauda Vgs, Norway

We are a vocational school with 450 students. Since 2014 we have been using Smart whiteboard paint from Smarter Surfaces, starting off with one classroom and then in 2017 we expanded. We now have approximately 25 classrooms with a wall of 2.6m X 7m. as a whiteboard.
On the wall, we use an Epson EB595Wi projector, teachers now have a whiteboard of 18m2 at their disposal.
Teachers can now indicate a problem in the middle of the wall, and the students can now solve this on each side of the problem.
Since using Smart whiteboard paint from Smarter Surfaces, our classrooms are now more flexible than we had before.
Sander Stielstra, Operations manager, Sauda Vgs, Norway

Rocky View Schools in Alberta, Canada

I am a buyer for Rocky View Schools in Alberta, Canada. I have purchased Smart Wall Paint for numerous locations in our division over the last few years.
Comments received from teachers and staff have been positive, the students love the writable surface, and being able to write on an entire wall is especially fun.
Overall, the experience has been great! Moving into a 21st Century style of teaching, this product fits perfectly with the learning environments in our schools.
Using the surface with our projectors has also been a success, the paint allows for good viewing of images and as well as great interactive capabilities.
I cannot provide a testimonial to the product without mentioning the wonderful staff at Smarter Surfaces. The customer service I receive has always been beyond satisfactory. Even when I have ordered incorrectly, everything possible has been done to correct the issue quickly and effortlessly.
Thank you for the great product and service you provide to Rocky View Schools!!
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Pigmento Painting, UK

“I would recommend signing up for the Smarter Surfaces Professional program if you want a high quality product at the best price. Being part of the professional program that they offer has also been greatly beneficial as it offers trade pricing, free express shipping on all orders along with being the first to be notified of any stock clearance sales they have. The Smart White board paint is very easy to use, it is important to follow the instructions exactly as provided. We have been using Smarter Surfaces Whiteboard paint since 2015 and have never had any problems or complains. ”
Lorenz Paterau, Pigmento Painting and Decorating Ltd

Anasson Painting , Australia

“We have found the Smarter Surfaces Professional Program very easy to use. Customer service has always been excellent and the products we use are exceptional. I highly recommend the products which arrive fully packaged and within time. All experiences we have had have been extremely positive.”
Debra Anasson, Anasson Painting & Maintenance Pty Ltd

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