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Our global distributor and reseller network is growing. If you are interested in becoming a Smarter Surfaces distributor, please contact us on +353 1 4126200 from 9am to 5.30pm GMT or click below to send us your request.

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Distributors & Resellers

Distribution and Partners

We work hard to support our distributors and we look for best fit distributors to partner with who can bring our innovative wallpapers, self adhesive whiteboard films, paints and plaster to the office and education markets. We believe in investing in these partnerships to build long-term relationships.

Our industry leading Partner Portal is one example of how we support our distributors. This is our online Knowledge Database of support material with a huge amount of content and support material divided into sections such as Technical, Sales, Marketing, Photography and Videos.

Each new distributor is provided detailed training in areas covering sales strategies, marketing, product and technical knowledge to ensure a smooth market launch.

We share our many years experience and learnings from our global partner network to help your team grow revenue from both new customers and existing customers.

As a Smarter Surfaces distributor, you will be appointed a dedicated Channel Account Manager who will support you and your team by working collaboratively to optimise growth.Our global distributor network and private label include distributors within Europe, the Middle East, USA, Africa and Asia.

Why distribute Smarter Surfaces products?

Offer your customers the largest functional product range available

Smarter Surfaces is the global leader and innovator of specialist paints, functional wallcoverings, films and plaster all designed to give added functionality to any smooth surface. We have the largest range of products and functionalities available.

This wide variety of products enables you as a distributor to provide clients with a number of options for each functionality. You can give them the choice between whiteboard paint in white or clear and also the option of choosing a writable wallpaper or a dry erase film instead.

The Smarter Surfaces range is an innovative product group and is proven to drive revenue growth, open doors for sales teams through its unique product features. Our truly impressive range of global end user includes companies such as Microsoft, Coca Cola, Apple, Virgin, NHS, United States Air Force, Nasa, Bank of America, AirBnB and Emirates Airlines to name a few.

Award winning company and products

By joining Smarter Surfaces you will essentially be joining our founder, products and company which have all been recognised as award-winning on many occasions. You can benefit both from the association with an award-winning company and the high-calibre products you would be selling. One of our finest accolades is winning at the Export Industry Awards indicating our successes as an exporter and global company.

Competitive advantage through our ongoing commitment to R&D

As a company, research and development is of the utmost importance to us.

This commitment means our network of carefully selected distributors are always at the forefront of their market with exclusive and truly innovative products. Research and development is a continuous process for Smarter Surfaces products making sure you, as a distributor, only provide your customers with the highest quality products.

Gain new and interesting customers

Grow your business through attracting the attention of new and exciting customers by gaining new business.

By selling our full range of functional surface products, potentially unlike anything else in your range, you have the added bonus of bringing in a whole new area of customers to your business. You will have access to a number of magnetic, writable and projection products to choose from that can help you expand your business reach further.

Offer more to your current customers

Smarter Surfaces products won’t simply bring you in new customers but can also be targeted towards customers already familiar with your business. They already trust that the products you sell are of high quality and this will help raise their interest in the new products you will be adding to your range.

Access to ready to use marketing materials

Once you become a distributor of Smarter Surfaces products, you will have access to our Partner Portal.

The Partner Portal will provide you with all the marketing materials you could ever need to sell functional surface products. All of them can be easily edited to feature your own language and more importantly the language of your customers. This makes your involvement with Smarter Surfaces so much easier as all of the materials are ready for you to use when you need them, meaning you can focus on selling the products.

Work with an international brand

Smarter Surfaces has a global marketing and branding strategy, which currently extends to over 30 countries in five continents. Used by clients such as Google, Coca-Cola, Tesco and Microsoft. The Smarter Surfaces™ brand is globally recognised and well respected.

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Private Label Opportunities

As many of our customers are already respected names within their industry, we offer the option to sell our products under private label.

Private label allows you to sell our products under your own brand name so that already established customers are buying from a company that they already know and trust, while enjoying new and exciting products. We have an experienced Private Label team who work through a proven process.

Some of the essential elements we will help you with include technical training, sales positioning, marketing and marketing materials, launch support and sales reviews.

Smarter Surfaces has a commitment to product launches, transition and guarantee so there will be no upset across the process. Our aim is for you to have as smooth an introduction as possible as your satisfaction is our number one priority.

We can be as much or as little of a partner as you like; the decision is yours. After you have had sufficient time to settle into the role of Private Label and selling Smarter Surfaces products, we encourage joint performance reviews to ensure sales optimisation in your market or channel.

What We Look for in a Smarter Surfaces distributor?

We look for the following attributes in our distributors;

  • Established relationships in specific customer profiles including:

Architects, Commercial Fit-out and Interior Professionals

Business Customers

Education Customers

  • Sales and marketing expertise in-house to promote, demonstrate and sell our products
  • Can demonstrate an ability to expand into all of the above customer sectors.

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