Magnetic Products

Make a magnetic surface of any size with our range of magnetic products.

Choose any of the magnetic products listed below and transform your surfaces into magnetic areas for planning, meetings, teamwork exercises or teaching. Our magnetic range consists of a number of product types and strengths which will enable you to find the best option for your space.

Our range of Magnetic Products consists of:

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Did you know that you can create a multiple functionality surface with just one product? Learn more here.

Or if you are interested in combining some of the products in our range, you can top coat with one of our whiteboard products for a surface that is both magnetic and writable. Learn more here.

Comparison Table


All products in the Smarter Surfaces range are tested and certified.

InstallationApplicationUsable AfterMagnetic Strength*
(A4 80gsm pages)
Product FinishProduct ColourGuarantee
magnetic icon Magnetic +
whiteboard icon Whiteboard +
projection icon Projector
Smart Magnetic Whiteboard
Wallpaper Low Sheen
Professional1 application48 hours3/4 pagesLow SheenWhite10 Year
magnetic icon Magnetic +
whiteboard icon Whiteboard
Smart Magnetic Whiteboard
Professional1 application48 hours3/4 pagesGlossWhite10 Year
Smart Magnetic
Whiteboard Paint White
DIY3 coats paint,
3 coats primer,
1 coat paint
4 days4 pagesGlossWhite10 Year
Smart Magnetic
Whiteboard Paint Clear
DIY3 coats paint,
1 coat paint
colour of choice,
1 coat
1 coat paint
4 days4 pagesGlossColour of choice*10 Year
magnetic icon Magnetic
Smart Magnetic PlasterProfessional2 coats24 hours8 pagesMattBlack10 Year
Smart Magnetic WallpaperProfessional1 application48 hours5 pagesMattWhite10 Year
Super Magnetic PaintDIY4 Coats24 hours5 pagesMattGrey10 Year
Smart Magnetic PaintDIY3 coats **24 hours4 pagesMattGrey10 Year

*These products must be used with neo-magnets or rare earth magnets
*Except white
**Up to 6 coats can be used to create a stronger magnetically receptive surface

LEED Certification
REACH Certification
M1 Certification
Low Voc Certification

product comparison table magnetic products smarter surfaces


Products in Action

Magnetic Paint Application
Magnetic Plaster Application
How Strong is Magnetic Paint?

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