Top Modern Office Design Trends To Consider In 2022

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Thinking of updating your office for the New Year? Check out some of the current modern office design trends for inspiration and increase the efficiency of your workforce. 

Office design trends have greatly developed over the last few years. In the past, businesses were focusing on simpler things like how to fit desks into offices and weren’t too interested in the aesthetic. 

But nowadays business owners realise that since their employees are spending at least eight hours a day at their desks, they need to be in a space that will promote productivity. Modern office design trends are geared towards making sure employees are happy and encourage productivity, which is the optimal combination. 

You Can Utilise Colour To Improve Productivity

Studies have shown that colours don’t just change our moods but can actually impact our productivity for better and for worse. Mundane white offices can actually have a negative impact on employee performance – they can induce feelings of sadness and depression especially in female employees.

Other colours that can have an affect on how employees work include: 

  • Certain greens and blues can improve efficiency, focus and a better sense of well being
  • Red is an active colour that helps employees retain information
  • Yellow inspires innovation and is ideal for artists, writers and creative thinkers.

Colour is so important there is even a colour Of The Year competition that many companies are running. Check out some of the top colours that are being chosen for 2022 here

Make Your Office More Eco Friendly

Offices are opting to use more sustainable materials as everyone is pushed to become more conscious in terms of how materials they use are made.

You can use recycled fabrics in your office, choose recycled paper for printing or if possible, remove paper entirely and install functional wallpapers or paints. Additionally, plants can reduce stress and sickness, clean the air as well as make workplaces more visually pleasing. 

Another method that some companies are choosing is having more meetings outside. In the summer months while the weather is good employees are often longingly looking out the window so by bringing some of your meetings outdoors you can bring employees out into the sunlight and fresh air.


Modern Office Design Trends Say Better Fit The Modern Working World

With more and more people working remotely, companies need to reimagine and redesign their space to better fit the modern working world

Co-working and open plan offices are still popular but sometimes people need privacy in an office setting. Space dividers and privacy pods are a great way to keep your open plan design but also cater to your employees’ needs. 

Nowadays businesses are aiming to create a greater work / life integration. This has involved creating informal working environments that focus on employee well being. Offices are becoming more adaptable by adding game rooms, relaxing zones and work cafes. 

Another small but significant aspect modern office design trends have encouraged is making the most of natural light. This is important to both employee health, mood and efficiency. It is one of the most desirable attributes in an office as the absence of natural light can negatively impact an employee; leaving them feeling tired and exhausted more easily, which can lead to a loss of motivation.  

Utilise Dynamic Spaces As Modern Design Trends

Adding dynamic workspaces to your office enables your workforce to find new ways to collaborate and work on projects. In traditional office settings employees would go from their desk to the meeting room and back again, never seeing much of their surroundings. With functional surface products like Smart Whiteboard Paint or Smart Magnetic Whiteboard Wallpaper-Low Sheen you can transform your surfaces into various unique areas for innovation. 

You have the power to help employees fulfil their needs, so create spaces that suit them and motivate them. Install magnetic, writable or projection walls for project planning, brainstorming, presentations. Change up your weekly meetings and get everyone involved by having them at your multifunctional wall instead of in a boardroom. 

Everyone will be out of their seats, more awake, sharing ideas so why not try adding functional surfaces to your office and change the way you and your employees work?  


These are just some of the modern office design trends that are taking the working world by storm. Want to learn more about adding functionality to your workspace? Then click here to view our website for more information and inspiration. 

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